You Stayed With Me
Author: Jennifer Husted

Where did it begin?
Where does it end?
Where did I go wrong and
Will it happen again?
How can I hope for things
When nothing seems to go right?
Why do things keep going wrong
With every passing night?
Yet how have I managed to look up?
How have I managed to smile?
I've tried to sparkle all the way -
You were with me all the while.
Through all my moods and all my fits
You stayed and never got mad.
And through all those times I broke down and cried
You held me and let me be sad.
You always knew when I wanted to be touched
And when to leave me alone.
We've gotten so close and it's really amazing
To see how much we've grown.
You support, your kiss, and everlasting love
Is something everyone needs.
So with the two of us together - against all odds,
I know we will succeed.

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