You Are So Far Away
Author: Jennifer Husted

You are so far away
I lay awake at night and think of you
When I sleep, I see your face
Driving, and I fantasize about when we'll meet
I want you, I need you, I always have.

Your name rolls off my lips so naturally
I remember your lips, the way they kissed mine so long ago
You are gone, but never forgotten
And so far away.

The miles have turned into years and back again
When I met you, so long ago, I knew
I knew then as clearly as I know now
You make me whole, you complete me
You breathe life into me at the sound of your voice
Nothing is real until I tell you.

You honor me with your insights
You grace me with your trust
A gift I cherish and hold dear
When can I see you, look upon your face, barely forgotten, hardly remembered
You are so far away.

All I need is one night with you
One night will last a lifetime
But I want more
I want to affect you, to shake your very soul
I want to affect you the way you've affected me
I want to make you whole, complete you, be your muse
But you are so far away.

Come to me, let me give you the world
Let me show you what it all means
Come to me, and discover what it's all about
I can give you all this, I can give you more
But you are so far away.

I love you
I always have
And I probably always will
No matter how far away.

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