Wrongful Love
Author: Jennifer Husted

I know what you must be thinking;
That I'll leave you and everyone behind.
Well, you're a fool if you think that,
How could I forget someone so kind?
Precious loving under the stars,
Slowly dancing in the moonlight,
I've never been romanced that way,
Maybe that's why it felt so right.
And yet it was very, very wrong.
We both knew that from the start.
And yet now I've fallen in love,
You'll always hold a place in my heart.
Whatever we felt and feel now,
We must forget in due time.
It was wrong for us to react this way.
It was wrong for us to lie.
I love you so and it hurts to say
Forget me and don't be sad.
But always remember with loving smiles
The love that we once had.

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