Thing 1, Thing 2
Author: Jennifer Husted

Thing 1, Thing 2
Maybe pink? Maybe blue?
Come one, come true
For Kerri's "things" are two!

We would not have it in a car
We would not have it in a bar
We would not have it with a mouse
Where would we have it?
At Kerri's house!

It's a Sundae Party, I say
A Sundae on a Saturday
How strange to have a Sundae on a Saturday
But better than a Monday on a Saturday
I'll take a Sundae anyday!
Wouldn't you say?

So come to the babies' shower
Help Kerri out with some baby power!
We'll provide the cookies and ice cream
Oh! What a Sundae Lover's dream!

Bring some baby things, wrapped up in bows
Kerri needs our help, Lord knows!
We'll have some fun and a big to-do
To celebrate the coming of Thing 1 and Thing 2!

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