Silent Screaming
Author: Unknown

It's yet early, the month is one,
Though you can't see me, I've just begun.

Four weeks later, the month is two,
I'm still so small, but a part of you.
Mommy, you'll love me, wait and see,
You will be very proud of me.

The time has passed, the month is three!
Wow! I'm someone you can see!
My hair is blonde, my eyes are brown,
Mommy, you'll love having me around.

Now I'm gone, the month is five,
Mommy killed me, I'm no longer alive.
Abortion is the name they give it,
Takes your life before you live it.

I want to be born, the month is six,
It's already been done and can't be fixed.
I guess Mommy didn't love me,
She threw me away.

I've got a new home, the month is seven,
Mommy killed me and now I'm in Heaven.
It was beautiful but now I'm gone,
Only my memory to carry on.

If I was around, the month would be eight,
If Mommy had loved me, now it's too late.
Murdered by Mommy's own two hands,
I guess I'm too young to understand.

Goodbye, Mommy, the month is nine.
I could be born and doing just fine.
I'm in Heaven but I had to cry,
Mommy, I'm sorry I had to die!

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