She's Back
Author: Jennifer Husted

You went to see her when she came back
Maybe spent some time under the moon.
I knew she'd come back eventually
But why'd it have to be so soon?
Before she came back, we'd made some plans
For us to get together.
The way you held me, I'll never forget,
I wanted it to last forever.
Now that she's back I understand
That things can never be the same.
Though it was wonderful I have to remember,
The word "girlfriend" means her name.
The way we talked was special to me,
I'd almost started to believe
That you had started to care for me
And you were going to ask her to leave.
I know that seeing made you realize
That she is the one for you.
Seeing her again must have opened your eyes
And now you'll probably stay true.
You love her, but I love you,
Sometimes it makes me mad.
But please keep in mind and close to heart
The good time that we had.

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