Saying I Love You
Author: Jennifer Husted

A whisper in the air of sand against sand
I look into your eyes as you take hold of my hand

Instantly, I'm lost in your love
And I have no conscious of the stars above

At this point in time, only you and I exist
As we look at the ocean through the foggy mist

Crickets are chirping and birds are crying
And when you said you loved me, I knew you weren't lying

The kiss we shared pulled on a lever
A timeless machine that would run forever

I just can't say how much I love you
Because my mouth goes dry whenever I touch you

As we lie on the beach, lost in each other's eyes
I listen to the ocean and it's graceful sighs

I hope that I have reached you and told you somehow
How much I love you and why I care now

Saying I love you, three words that mean forever
Finds that timeless machine, and pulls that dainty lever

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