On the Seashore
Author: Mickey Teal

The soft sand beneath my feet,
At water's edge, sea gulls bleat.
The warm spring sun, the salty mist,
Upon my skin, these things list.
I walk along the roaring shore,
Thinking of Grandfather and his lore.
The patrol flies by and catch their fish,
What a wonderful thing; to fly is my wish.
Walking along with my heart content,
I hardly notice a small event.
The fiddlers rush down to the sea,
The gulls fly over and watch down at me.
A brisk, warm wind fills the air,
The ocean bubbles; This is rare.
I lie to watch as the sea goes calm,
A beam of light from the Moon-Man's palm.
The sun now watches from below the Earth,
While now the sea, to something, gives birth.
I see her hair, as black as night,
Her eyes seem as green as an emerald light.
Her delicate curves arise from the float,
She hovers now like a sam-pan boat.
I stand to greet her, walking forth,
Her arms outstretched, "Come forth."
I grasp her thighs, we fall to the sand,
My firm copper shoulders in her hands.
My lips meet hers, as red as blood,
The sky now falls under blackened hood.
Her rose-red fingertips caress my back,
The winds come to furnish the breath we lack.
The moon now shields our passionate love,
While all the world is in push and shove.
We lie there on the warm velvet sand,
Our spirits clinging hand in hand.
With the waves upon the shore,
She and I make love like in folklore.
She feels secure against my chest,
Like a bird on her eggs, in a nest.
She roughs my hair, slides one leg up mine,
I grasp her chest like a fine glass wine.
I glide my hands to her soft, sharp cheeks,
She clutches my waist in a grip not meek.
We roll toward the murmuring sea,
Her whispered lips come to kiss me.
The Arctic Sea comes and cools our skins,
A thrilling sensation fills us within.
Orion watches over us, the bears on each side,
As we make love, over the oceans we glide.
We hover over the glistening shore's edge,
We make love over what seems a dangerous ledge.
The creatures beneath the blue-green mist
Watch at us with an attentive bliss.
Hours on end our bodies converge,
With a passionate power our energies surge.
The sun comes up innocent and kind,
We drift to the shore as our bodies unbind.
She stands me up and kisses my chest,
The wind folds around her like a silken vest.
The oceans bubble and she enters it back,
She tells me passion, I do not lack.
She disappears under the waves,
After that I do not crave.
I fall back on the glassy floor,
Tired, breathless; another day I'll visit her.
I lie there basking in the sun,
From nothing does my body shun.
I lie there remembering Grandfather's lore,
As I lie there,
On the seashore...

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