Nature's Awe
Author: Jennifer Husted

The sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds
Nature is all around, it envelops me - a Heavenly shroud
Look through the sky - imagine how far it extends
I feel so insignificant, I try to pretend
That my existence matters in this thing we call life
That I can make some difference - but the truth cuts like a knife
For it doesn't matter if we are here or not
Nature continues on in Nature's thought
The waters will always toil, the galaxy will always spin
Humans don't cause this to happen, the force that is within
The beast that is her will, the beast we cannot control
We must bow down to her wishes when she takes her toll
We must enjoy her kindness, and worship in her calm
We are but a handful of sand, sifting in her palm
The awesome force of nature is a thing you cannot resist
Cower down in her fury, and cherish her sweet kiss

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