Maybe I Don't Say Enough
Author: Jennifer Husted

Maybe I don't tell you enough
How often you pass through my thoughts.
Maybe I don't smile enough
When I look at your face.
Maybe I don't make it obvious
How happy I feel when we're together.
And maybe I don't show you
How content and safe I am in your arms.

Maybe I don't take advantage
Of keeping you close while we sleep.
Maybe I don't mention how much it means
When you show concern for me.
Maybe I forget sometimes
To hold you as tight as you hold me.
And maybe I forget to mention
How lucky I feel to have you in my life

Maybe I don't tell you
How excited I get to hear your voice.
Maybe I fail to mention
How deep "I love you" runs.
Maybe I don't show you
How well you balance my life.
Maybe I forget to express myself
But maybe I just can't put it into words.

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