Love Me
Author: Jennifer Husted

When you kiss me I feel
Like the wind so free.
And I get chills through my body
Every time you touch me.

You don't seem to realize
How you make me feel.
When we're together everything's perfect
I know these feelings are real.

You can be so confusing,
And so charming at the same time.
This whole mess is so very weird,
I can't believe you're mine.

When we're apart I feel so lonely,
It's your special touch that I miss.
But then when I see you I just can't wait
To get that special kiss.

I want to stay with you, now and forever,
Assuming forever is real.
Something I'd want for the rest of my life
Is how you make me feel.

You've taught me so much and I wanted to say
Thank you for all that you've done.
You've taught me to lay back and let things happen,
Go out and have some fun.

You mean so much, and I know deep down
This is something I probably shouldn't do,
But as much as I've tried,
To keep it inside,
I just wanted to say, "I love you."

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