Last Night
Author: Jennifer Husted

Last night with you
Was beautiful.

It showed me that sex
Can be special and sweet.
It made me look forward
To the next time we meet.
I never thought it could be that special
Until last night.
Looking up to find you there,
God, it felt so right.
I know how you feel
Because she's still in your life.
Being torn between us
Must cut like a knife.
You say you enjoyed it
And that it was special to you.
But what it meant to me,
It all just seems so new.
You say you'd like it a lot
If we could try again.
Though you know your hurting her
You don't want it to end.
In a way I'm glad you feel that way.
In a way it feels so right.
But no matter what happens, I'll always remember
How special it was last night.

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