I Thought
Author: Jennifer Husted

I thought that our friendship
Meant a lot to you and me.
I thought that you knew
It didn't take much to see.
I thought that you realized
Our friendship was real good.
I thought you wouldn't turn on me
I didn't think you could.
I thought that your promises
Could be trusted and made real.
I thought you really cared for me
But you don't care how I feel.
I thought you could tell me the truth
I didn't think you'd lie.
I thought you'd be there for me,
But you didn't hear me cry.
I thought that we had fun
We could've partied all night.
I thought we had a friendship,
One we knew was right.
I thought that our friendship
Would last really long
I thought you were my friend,
I guess I thought wrong.

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