If You Love Me
Author: Unknown

Be there when I am afraid,
Miss me when I'm away,
Take care of me when I am scared,
So I'll know you always care.

Laugh when I am happy,
Cry when I am sad,
Be there when I need you and
Forgive me when I'm mad.

Correct me when I'm wrong,
Stand by me when I'm right,
Think of me each morning,
Dream of me each night.

Comfort me when I am lonely
Have faith in what I do,
Follow me to the end of the world,
As you know I would for you.

Kiss me softly and gently,
Hold me tenderly, but tight,
And if I should lose my temper,
Please don't let us fight.

Forgive me when I'm not myself,
Try to understand,
Put your arms around me or
Tightly hold my hand.

If you say you love me,
Mean it with all your heart,
And if you really mean it,
Nothing can pull us apart.

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