How Much Will I Miss You When You're Gone?
Author: Jennifer Husted

Well, I might watch a little TV,
And I might cut the grass.
I might stare at the clock,
And watch the minutes pass.
I might do some cookin',
Or I might go to the mall.
I might get nostalgic,
And give an old friend a call.
I might try out my new bike,
On those little dirt roads across the street.
I might try to relax,
And soak my tired feet.
I might start on those curtains,
I've been meaning to install.
I might get around to hanging,
That tapestry on my wall.
I might make use of my new hammock,
And watch the starts at night -
And would you stop to notice
Whether they are as bright?
I might go see a movie,
Something I've been wanting to see.
Anything to pass the time
Until you come home to me.
But no matter how many things I do
To keep you off my mind,
No matter how many places I go,
No matter how many chores I find,
I know my nights will be restless,
Without you by my side.
I know my days will be long,
Until you are by my side.

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