Forget Him
Author: Unknown

Forget his name, forget his face,
Forget his kiss, and warm embrace.
Forget his love that was once true,
Remember now, there's someone new.

Forget the time that was once shared,
Forget the fact that he once cared,
Forget the time you spent together,
Remember now, he's gone forever.

Forget you cried the whole night long,
Forget him when they play your song,
Forget how close you two once were,
Remember now, he's chosen her.

Forget you memorized his walk,
Forget the way you used to talk,
Forget the time that he was glad,
Remember now, he's happy, be glad.

Forget the times he used to phone,
Forget the times you shared alone,
Forget when he kissed, your head went awhirl,
Remember now, there's another girl.

Forget his gentle, teasing way,
Forget you saw him yesterday,
Forget the things you used to do,
Remember now, she loves him, too.

Forget the times he made you cry,
Forget the thrill when he walked by,
Forget the way he spoke your name,
Remember now, it's not the same.

Forget the used to hold your hand,
Forget the sweet things, if you can,
Forget the times that you were close,
Remember the present the most.

Forget the times that went so fast,
Forget those times, they're in the past,
Forget he said, "I'll love you forever."
Remember now, he's gone forever.

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