Forever Alta
Author: Jennifer Husted

Taken away so quick and cruel
By someone who doesn't play by the rules.
Oh, Nanny, I'm barely old enough to understand,
Why aren't you here to hold our hands?

Mommy says you've gone away
To some place that you have to stay
She says it's beautiful and peaceful there,
You'll never have any worries, never have any cares.

"Oh, Nanny!" I scream, "It's just not fair!"
To not have you near, to not have you there.
If you come back I promise I'll be good,
Just to say, "I love you," if I could.

Mommy swears it's not my fault,
That you will live forever in my heart.
My guardian angel forever you will be
And watch me grow for all eternity.

You'll watch over me on my first date,
My prom, my wedding, and when I come home late.
You'll keep me safe from harm
And whisper in my ear, "Be strong."

And when my life seems dull and drear
I'll look up and feel you near.
Because the one thing that can never die
Is the memories of you I hold in my mind.

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