Eighteen Years
Author: Jennifer Husted

Unchartered territory
Yet to know every turn
Eighteen years ago
I knew his touch
I knew his walk
I knew the lilt of his head
When he looked at me
The expression in his eyes
The texture of his hair
I knew the bounce in his step
The way his knees bow just so
I recognized his voice
The inflection in his words
The slight of his accent
The passion in his breath
I remembered the sweetness of his kiss
The strength of his hands
And the safety of his arms
And in eighteen years
None of this has changed
So familiar
It could have happened last week
So comfortable
It could have been all along
So easy
To fall into each other
And yet he is so very different
Every touch seems new
Every encounter fresh
Every conversation captivating
I crave each word
The depth of his heart
The way he thinks
Looks at life
To listen to dreams and goals
Eighteen years of life
To feel the expertise of his touch
Eighteen years of
Learning and patience
And the appreciation of a companion
A rekindling of love
All the excitement
Of a new beginning
All the comfort
Of life-long friends
All the passion
Of hearts reborn
Healing from the pain of the past
And finding in each other
A life that was meant to be
A life we must have known was there
A love that even time
Lain down and was still for
In eighteen years

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