Do You Remember?
Author: Jennifer Husted

Do you ever think of me?
Did you ever think about why we'd last?
Do you ever sit in your room
And reminisce upon our past?

Are there things that remind you of me?
Are there things that you miss?
Has anyone been able to duplicate
The way you know I kiss?

Do you know anybody so well?
Does anybody know you as good?
Has anybody been able to treat you right?
Do you think anyone could?

Have you said the same lines?
Have you gone to the same places?
Have you been introduced
To just as many new faces?

Do you remember the little things?
Do you long for those ever at all?
Have you gotten a broken heart
The way you made me fall?

Do little things remind you of
The love that we once had?
Have you found some little thing
To say you were once so mad?

Have you thought of me every now and then?
That's all I really want to know.
Just curious, 'cause I wanted to say
"It's over," then I'll go.

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