A Certain Kind of Love
Author: Jennifer Husted

You're in my dreams, you're in my mind,
You're in my heart, that's forever true.
And though, my love, it was hard to admit,
I'm madly in love with you.

I've never felt this warm inside.
This feeling is something new.
And though, my friend, it took some time,
I've fallen in love with you.

There aren't many times I'm not thinking of you.
Believe me, those times are few.
And though, my sweet, I'm in too deep,
I'll save my love for you.

I've begun to realize what's happening,
I think you've seen it too.
And through, my darling, it hurts inside,
I'll send my love to you.

I see now what you are saying to me.
I realize what I must do.
And though, my friend, it took some time,
I'm forever a friend to you.

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